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Talenos integrated training and consultancy is renowned for our holistic approach towards developing strong capabilities and competencies in people.

Backed by a robust group of specialist with over 15 years of experience, our training and development consultants are profound in soft skills and technical skills experts. We offer a total and holistic approach that covers all aspects of the continuous improvement journey, from implementation to evaluation.

How do we build effective training programmes for your organisation?

  • Training Needs Analysis

Talenos start off with a series of questions to understand the current situation and to also understand what is the goal of the training itself. This influences a huge amount of decisions later in the process.

One very common question is: What is the point of the training? Why are we doing it? What type of behavioral change is desired? Will training actually help? This phase should be a full audit of the audience, business goals, training methodologies used, media types used, etc. Once this is done, we will generate a training plan and addresses the needs behind the learning.

  • Design the Curriculum/Courseware with Talenos Specialist and Subject Matter Expert

This is the stage where we put the contents together in place by conducting research, interviews, workplace observations, blueprint, storyboards and many other strategies for the course. This period of design thinking would place the learner’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills into consideration of courseware development.

Affective Skills

Thinking, Problem-Solving

Leading learners to more interaction with peers
Cognitive Skills

Emotional growth, interpersonal development

Encouraging learners to think and solve problems methodically
Psychomotor Skills

Physical activities

Activities in classroom leading to experiential learning
  • Courseware Development

 At this stage, we begin to create the courses by polishing the details of the content. Guided by the storyboards or blueprint, Talenos develop the programme into a product.

We focus on user learning experience and deliverables how much impact can our training converts learning into practice. We check on the flow of the content to ensure engagement and suitable training duration is met.

  • Implementation of the training programme

The actual delivery of the training programme begins right here. Talenos provides 2 pilot runs of the developed training programme and further enhance the design of the courseware or curriculum if required.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Talenos adopted a powerful model for improving the way in which future iterations are created. Getting feedback on every aspect of the courses is really important so that you can improve and revise the content.

What to focus on:

  • Did we meet the goals as set out in the analysis phase?
  • Take feedback and place back into the analysis phase.
  • Identify other training requirements.
  • Possible change in media types or approach.

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