Healthcare at work is increasingly recognised as an important aspect of the healthcare system in many countries.

The in-house or occupational health physician plays a key role, in managing the medical conditions of the workplace and views from the primary care perspective.

Taking into account the workplace environment, culture and safety needs of his or her patient, holistic and preventative care is instituted and importantly, maintained.

The in-house physician is a specialist in not only a wide range of medical conditions but also legislative and statutory requirements, including medical examinations and workplace safety.

The selection of a good in-house physician is more than what it may first appear. In addition to accreditation as occupational physicians, there has to be deep considerations for demeanor, empathy and communication.

Communication– A skill that all physicians require is especially important for in-house physicians as he or she is expected not only to interact with patients, but also regulatory authorities and human resources or key safety teams within the corporate structure. Additionally, the in-house physician is often required to help interpret the legislature on behalf of the corporate client.

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