In your current employment, do you sometimes wonder if the time is right for you to move on?Do you dread going into the office on a Monday morning, and spend your week counting down to Friday? Often, this is more than just Monday blues.

You may be showing clear signs that your current job is not right for you and it may be time to quit and move on.

In this short article, we share some of these signs that will trigger a few nerves.

What are the signs that it is time for you to consider moving on to another job? We look at the first one.

1. You could do your work in your sleep.

When was the last time accomplishing a task gave you an adrenalin rush?

If you cannot remember, chances are you are no longer challenged by your work, and it gives you no reason to feel proud of what you do.

Feeling good of what you accomplish at work is a key motivator for you to show up to work in the first place. If working no longer makes you feel accomplished, your role is not satisfying your creative needs.

Familiar feeling?

One other clear sign that you should be looking at the office exit..

2. You are not learning anything new.

If you feel unchallenged at work, it means you are not learning anything new.

Since you are not being challenged, you probably feel like your skill set become stagnant. You probably find your work boring.

Instead of being bored stiff at work, perhaps it is time to reconsider your options?

A common grouse with many employees and a strong push factor to move on..

3. You feel underpaid and undervalued

Pay may not necessarily be the only thing motivating you to work. However, your pay and benefits package is a measure of how much your boss values your work and contribution.

If you are not making much more now, years into your career, chances are you feel undervalued.

It will be worse if you are constantly overlooked for promotion, new responsibility and praise.

Maybe next year? The following year?

For some, the decision to move on may be prompted by personal reasons.

4. Your life circumstances have changed

You recently got married, became a parent or saw another major aspect of your life changed.

Several considerations may nudge you look at your current work ~ work life balance, money matters, job scope and more.

If your current job is a hindrance to your new aspirations, assessing other career options may be necessary.

For those wondering if their time is up, this sign is the most apparent.

5. You have grown irritable and stressed

If you easily irritable or unduly stressed at work, there is a high chance it is caused by dissatisfaction or discomfort in your work environment.

Disagreement with a superior, gossipy colleagues, loss in belief of company mission, values and ethics or simply poor people management.

Whatever the case, your negative work environment has impacted your personal life in a very bad way.

Updated your CV yet?

6. I am quitting soon..someday

Of all the signs that it’s time to leave your job, this is perhaps the most obvious.

If you have been asking yourself on many occasions whether you should quit your job, you are clearly unhappy with your work and environment.

There’s no question about it.

Look for something new and move on.

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