Workers generally spend a lot of time at the workplace.

This has proportionate impact on health of working people.

A corporate physician is typically appointed to look after the well-being and health of the workers in the company he or she serves.

A good corporate physician not only practises as a medical consultant for the individual staff, he/she also looks after the pyscho-social aspects of patients, addressing their various needs, while minding the fact that work environment/conditions affect health, and health affects work and productivity.

On another level, a corporate physician is typically the first professional in the company to detect a pattern of ill-health or disease. For example, several employees who ate at the Staff Cafeteria are attending the corporate physician for diarrhea and abdominal pains are an indication to the physician that there could be a cluster of food poisoning. This leads to cause/s identification and these are to be rectified immediately by the company while also keeping the health and environmental authorities informed.

Another critical role of a corporate physician is detailed analysis of the lifestyle, work environment and disease patterns in the company. An example is in a company whose employees are mainly sedentary, over a period of time, there is an upward trend of the number of high-blood pressure and diabetic patients. This trend is picked up easily by the good corporate physician, who highlights to the company management to proactively manage these chronic conditions and institute preventing measures.

Corporate wellness is an area which a physician can have great positive impact on both the patient individually, and also on the company’s productivity and cost.

The selection of the right doctor/physician for a corporate clinical role is highly specific, not just the regulatory requirements for a designated workplace doctor, but even more importantly, the precise selection of aptitude, experience for the types of industry the good corporate physician serves in.

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