Community healthcare is the cornerstone of the healthcare system in many countries.

The community or family physician plays a key role, in managing the medical conditions of the community and views from the primary care perspective.

Taking into account the social environment, family, friends and relationships which his or her patient is in, holistic care is instituted and importantly, maintained.

Trained in knowing and understanding breadth, the community physician is a specialist in a wide range of medical conditions across organ systems, including psychological influences on the well-being of patients.

From “Cradle to Grave” – A phrase that a true-blue community physician is attuned to, as he or she looks after the pregnant expecting mother, the newborn for vaccinations and well-baby developmental assessments, to adolescent psychology, chronic conditions of middle age, and to palliation and care of the dying.

The selection of the good community physician is more than what it may first appear. In addition to accreditation as family physicians, there has to be deep considerations for the outlook, demeanor, empathy, communication ability and passion for community healthcare which must be ever present.

At Talenos, our search consultants understand physician values and ethos. Because we are medical practitioners too.

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